Fuzion Youth Ministry

Fuzion is a ministry focused on raising up young Pacific Islanders to run with God!

Mission > Discipleship > Our desire is to, equip – empower, Christians in their relationship with God, providing a solid Biblical foundation and encouraging the development of Christ-like character through the personal application of truth.

Mission > Training: Internship/Apprenticeship > Discovering your abilities, skills to work and therefore transform your world.

Mission > Change of geographical location.
Outreach efforts are offered to assist young people in helping to fulfill the Great Commission
Outreach teams communicate and serve through performing arts, practical service, and sports activities.

Outreach Locations:

  1. Inner-Cities Ministries – Specifically the homeless.  Feeding and Sharing the Good News
  2.  Paiute Tribe in Nixon, Nevada.  Building Relationship and Connecting them to our Pacific Islanders Community.
  3.  Smaller Half (kids) — Creating fun activities for kids in our community


  • Transform > from the dark world to the light of Christ
  • Equip > provide tools to live life 24/7 reflecting God
  • Impact > use the tools and go into the sphere you are in and impact.