Mexico Mission Trips

If you would like to take a group on a Short-Term Mission Trip, we can help! We offer Mission Trips for Youth Groups, Church Teams, Organizations & Ministries

Where would you go?

We have various options available: Northern Mexico (Baja), Central Mexico and even trips to Mexico’s southern neighbor,  Guatemala!  YWAM has extensive experience working in Mexico and have chosen to take our outreach teams to the safest and secure areas.  During our time in Mexico we are housed at YWAM’s training facility, which is very secure.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the areas we minister in.

What would you do?

You can decide what is best for your group or what you would like to focus on. Depending on location you can build a house for a needy family (Mexico, Guatemala), work with children at orphanages or on the streets, do evangelism (dramas, dances, etc), distribute food, medical clinics, etc. We can build a trip around your teams passion, talents and objectives!

Who can go?

We take teams of all ages!  We normally suggest that for youth teams, ages 13 and up are best.  It is our desire to take any who have a heart to go and share the love of God, but also be safe.  We have also taken youth/family trips where parents brought their younger children as well.  And of course some of our teams are adult groups.

Passport Requirements: anyone under age 19 does not need a passport to enter Mexico by land, anyone age 19+ must hold a valid passport to participate in our Mexico outreach.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your outreach location, trip activities and transportation the cost per person will vary.

  • A 7 day trip to Baja, Mexico costs approximately $300-$600 USD.
  • A 7-10 day trip to Guatemala (including airfare) costs approximately $1,000-$1,500 USD.
  • A 7-10 day trip to Central Mexico (including airfare) costs approximately $900-$1,250 USD.

Please contact our Outreach Coordinator by clicking here to use our contact form, or at or 1.888.YWAM.SAC for more specific trip information including available dates, locations and trip costs.