Freedom from Human Trafficking

It was reported in 2013 that Sacramento is now the #2 worst city in the United States for human trafficking activity.  (see the story here).  There is no way that we can ignore this atrocity in our backyard, and so we’ve decided to become part of the solution.

This epidemic is being confronted by various local ministries on 3 different fronts:

  • Prevention: helping bring awareness to individuals, businesses, churches, schools, etc. through social media blasts, videos, and public service announcements;  distributing information at after-school programs, malls, shelters, etc.
  • Rescue: street ministry, call-in center, day drop-in center, mentoring, reaching into the juvenile hall system, etc
  • Restoration: counseling, safe housing for those rescued, co-living homes, etc.
Some of the local ministries currently involved in providing a ray of hope are…
If you would like to invest in seeing Sacramento become a city of refuge, please begin by praying, and also contacting one of these amazing ministries to see how you can become a partner!