YWAM along with the Burn 24-7 here in Sacramento are excited to invite you to IGNITE! This is our 10 week discipleship training designed to equip this generation and activate them to fulfill the call to God. “From the Great Commandment to the Great Commission”, God is calling this generation first to His Presence then into all the world to disciple nations! There is no greater call than to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Jesus Himself declared this as the greatest commandment of all. Yet, we are fully convinced that, just as Jesus first called His disciples to Himself, the natural fruit of a lifestyle in the secret place with Jesus gives birth to hearts that are ignited to share this same love with all the world! What begins in the secret place of one burning heart will result in the world encountering the love of Jesus through His disciples! From the Great Commandment to the Great Commission; this is the mandate of God on all our lives! 

This 10 week discipleship training meets on Thursday nights.  Each weekly gathering has a keynote speaker who carries a special grace for one of 3 areas of training: Intimacy, Identity, Impact. We believe these 3 areas covers the whole dynamic of our Christian walk. From the place of intimacy with God we all find our identity in Him. In this place we discover that each of us are powerful sons and daughters of the Most High. From this place of knowing who we are we receive His authority to have maximum impact on the world around us! Our speakers will include various revivalists and missionaries, including Dean Deguara, Adrian & Sonya Weller, Kyle Gattison, Chris and Alycia Humphrey, Jeremy Schuff, Carlos Penning, Jachin Pendleton, and awesome local worship leaders!!!!  Along with teaching we will also have amazing ministry opportunities on the streets of Sacramento and extended worship & prayer gatherings called “Burns”. Dates will be announced in the future. By the end of these 10 weeks we are convinced that each student will be fully equipped to fulfill our God given destiny to change the world!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via this website. Thank you all and we look forward to meeting every one of you.

IGNITE kicks off in Spring 2019…

registration opening soon!

Location: Fair Oaks, CA
Registration & Payment: The cost for IGNITE is $100.  $25 is due at registration, and an additional $25 due at our first IGNITE meeting.  The remaining installments of $25 are due during the 3rd and 6th weeks. Please don’t let finances keep you from joining us.  If God has put IGNITE on your heart but you’re having trouble coming up with the funds, please contact us at ignite@ywamsac.com .  You can register by clicking the link above, or at IGNITE REGISTRATION.
     *The IGNITE training is for anyone 18+ years of age.
     *The facility where Ignite takes place is not handicap accessible.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
     *Childcare is not provided